It pisses me off when people are so against the depression accounts.  Like I’m sorry you get to go out with friends, have fun, and blog about how great your day was.  Some of us are actually trying to survive while we’re up at 3 AM and all we can do is use Tumblr to find people who relate to us.  So I’m sorry if our blogs don’t meet your expectations.  We have them for ourselves, not anyone else.  So a big FUCK YOU.  That’s all.    

Basically me

My best friend is a bowl of joints. I’m disgusting haha

All I do is get high and clean my house and fuck my boyfriend and cook decent food and watch documentaries. That’s it. I’m always naked or stoned or about to be one of the too. I don’t even care. Its better than meds and alcohol and therapy.


being alone is worthwhile. you have to learn how to be alone in order to be able to live with yourself at all.


I am in love with all these shops

Serial Experiments Lain (1998)Full image here. (1520x2275 2.4 Mb)

I think what I have come to realise over time is that you have a choice. You are not powerless to a disorder or a society that projects unrealistic ideals. You can say no to these things. You can say no to a way of life that doesn’t thrill you. Instead you can say yes to a life that is authentic, a life that fulfils those desires inside of you that are most pure. You can love even when you have been unloved. You can be compassionate in the face of ignorance. You can be kind even when it feels unnatural, even when you want to cave into the wickedness that licks at your heals. You can carve out a path for yourself that is honest, that is real.